This book offers a survey of Chinese art from 1989 to 1992. 'The year 1989 witnessed the course of the development of Chinese modern art making a sudden turn. This is not only because the holding of Chinese Modern Art Exhibition [also called 'China/Avant-garde'] became the symbol of conclusion, causing the "85 New Wave Art" to enter into a boisterous "Last Supper" after a certain period of development; but also because the fluctuations and changes in the situation of that year greatly affected the value judgement of the artists. The objective reality after 1989 also helped to suppress the "avant garde consciousness" which has been inflating uncontrollably, or rather, which has been becoming more and more artificial. Coincidentally, simultaneous with the loss of its stage, modern Chinese art was faced with the time for self-reorientation.' — Nan Sha

With essays by Yang Zhilin, Nan Sha and Gu Chengfeng. Gu outlines several tendencies of the post-1989 period, including Deviational Realism, Pop Art, Expressionism, Abstract and Material Art, Image Art, and Installation. This book features works by 26 artists. Biographical information and exhibition histories of the artists are provided.
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'89–'92 Zhong guo xian dai yi shu

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感覺中的'85新潮藝術 Reflections on the New Wave Art of 1985 - YANG Zhilin, 楊志麟
89以後──中國製造 Post-'89 Period. Is It Made in China? - NAN Sha, 南沙
89以後的中國現代藝術描述 A Survey of China's Post-'89 Modern Art - GU Chengfeng, 顧丞峰
'89–'92 Contemporary Art of China
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'89–'92 Contemporary Art of China, '89–'92 中國現代藝術