'A Glimpse into Hong Kong Art 1949–1997 is the first bilingual book that provides a concise account of certain critical strands in the development of Hong Kong art during a set period of time. Based on the author's extensive research on Hong Kong art over the years, this book outlines some important or influential figures, exhibitions, and events that lead to specific shifts in the evolution of postwar art in Hong Kong, including the rise of new ink painting in the 1970s and the close dialogue between art and politics during the transitional period of the handover in 1997.' - excerpted from the bookback

Includes glossary of artist names and selected bibliography.

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David CLARKE, 祈大衛

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Word, Image and Identity in Hong Kong Art | 香港藝術中的文字、視像與身份認同

Introduction | 簡介

Chronology of Important Art Exhibitions / Activities / Events in Hong Kong 1949–1997 | 香港重要藝術展覽/活動/事件年表

A Glimpse into Hong Kong Art: 1949–1997
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A Glimpse into Hong Kong Art 1949–1997, 香港藝術掠影:1949-1997