Book published in conjunction with Pratchaya Phinthong's solo exhibition 'Missing Objects' at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok in 2008. The exhibition is relatively personal because it illustrates his memories of travelling back from Germany last year after his postgraduate studies. After finishing at an art institute in Frankfurt, Pratchaya chose to travel by bus, boat and rail to Poland, Belarus, China, Vietnam and Thailand. During his two-month journey, he took pictures, jotted down everything that impressed him and bought presents for his friends. To him, art is not an end product but an ongoing process and he exhibits photo installations he took during his journey and object installation of items he bought for his friends. Visitors are also invited to indulge themselves in a room equipped with a DVD player and a collection of DVDs he bought from different countries. In addition, they can pick up a copy of the present publication which is a narrative of Phinthong's journey.

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A Summer Memory by Pratchaya Phinthong
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A Summer Memory by Pratchaya Phinthong