Catalogue published in conjunction with the titled exhibition at Lin & Keng Gallery, Beijing, 11 April – 12 May 2009. It features past and recent works by artists of the Hantoo Art Group. Established in the late 1990s, it was an outgrowth of the Taipei Painting Art Group, whose members had studied together at Chinese Culture University, Taipei. This catalogue includes an overview of the Hantoo Art Group's history and an essay or artist statement discussing the work of each member. Artist biographies are provided at the back.
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E tong li: 2009 han tu she lian zhan

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Post Little Tough Guys: Hantoo Art Group 14

- YU Wei, 游崴

我們「悍圖社」 (in Chinese only)

- YANG Maolin, 楊茂林

Of Immortals and Icons


酒神的電影景域:初探吳天章的影像佈署 (in Chinese only)

- HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏

City Memorial: Lu Hsien-Ming's 2008 City - Theater Series

- CHANG Chingwen, 張晴文

Theater of Commotion and Desire—The Secret Made Visible

- KUO Weikuo, 郭維國

Digression and the Impossible Creator in Reality: Critique on Lee Ming-Chung's 2008 Exhibition

- CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑

Secret Room: Yang Jen-ming's Work from 1988 to 2007

- CHANG Chingwen, 張晴文

Searching and Shifting Among Chairs and Ladders, Up and Down, Left to Right

- TSENG Yuping, 曾玉冰

Transforming the Impossible into Possible Creations: Tang, Tang-Fa's Art Path

- LAI Autumn, 賴小秋

Cultural Spectacle: Creating the Exhibition of Bu Num Civilization

- HUANG Shuping Iris, 黃舒屏

Visualising Hybridised Culture and Colonial Heritage: Deng Wen-Jen's Imagination of Sexuality and Body

- Ming TURNER, 陳明惠

'Romanticism' - a semi-transparent thin film suspending above the realistic surface.

- CHU Shuhsien, 朱書賢

The Magnificent Scenery of Flesh World

- HU C.S. Sean, 胡朝聖

Introduction about the Creation of T'ien-Kung K'Ai-Wu

- CHEN Chingyao, 陳擎耀

Akudou Power: 2009 Hantoo Art Group
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Akudou Power: 2009 Hantoo Art Group, 惡童力:2009悍圖社聯展