Jung Yeondoo is known for his projects that recreate and realize people's dreams through the medium of photography. The exhibition entitled Are You Lonesome Tonight? features Jung's new series Location. While his earlier works such as Bewitched and Wonderland were affectionate portraits of people with various dreams presented with an optimistic view, the new project consists of images that arouse nostalgia and melancholy. In these works, static figures or objects are positioned in places like rainwashed streets or misty lake-shores that look oddly familiar. Through the artful use of mise-en-scene, the images are carefully arranged as if they were from a theatrical stage. However, a closer look reveals the 'incompleteness' of the setting which is barely exposed on the pictorial surface. This 'incompleteness' invites the viewers not only to investigate the authenticity of the image but also the genuineness of the depicted narrative. Artist biography is provided in the present catalogue.
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Simulacrum Lucida - KANG Sumi, 강수미
Locating Images - YU Jinsang, 유진상
Are you lonesome tonight?
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Are you lonesome tonight?