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Photography Alive! (Photography at the 10th Sydney Biennale and the MCA) - Catherine de LORENZO
Novel Exposures (A major exhibition of contemporary Korean photography) - ROE Jaeryung, 노재령
Picturing Paradise (Colonial photography of Samoa) - Karen STEVENSON
City of Hell (Thai photographer Manit Sriwanichpoonm's images of Bangkok) - Khetsirin KNITHICHAN
Surabaya Art Festival - Martinus Dwi Marianto
Chinese Whispers (Recent exhibitions in Hong Kong) - HO Hingkay Oscar, 何慶基
It's About Time (Artist-run galleries and spaces in Taipei) - Rachel KENT
Rapport (A touring exhibition of Australian and Singaporean art) - Wahyuni HADI
Snapshot (Yasumasa Morimura interviewed) - Judy ANNEAR
Shooting from the Hip (New-gen girl photographers in Japan) - Chie KAIHATSU
The Human Realm and the Way of Nature (Photography in China) - DEWAR Susan
True Lies (New reportage photography in China) - DEWAR Susan
Marked Men (Tattooing and the photographs of Greg Semu and Mark Adams) - Nicholas THOMAS
Eduardo Masferre (Photographs of the Philippine Cordillera) - Ana P. LABRADOR
Rotigraphy (Indian Street Photography) - Satish SHARMA
Home/Nation (Photography in the installations of Rummana Hussain) - Kamala KAPOOR
Peeping Tom (Rozalind Drummond: The female photographer as sleuth) - Natalie KING
Reviews: (New Zealand) Mika Diva - Wendy VAIGRO
Reviews: (Korea) Ik-Joong Kang - ROE Jaeryung, 노재령
Reviews: (United States) Jung Hyang Kim - KIM Yuyeon, 김유연
Reviews: (Australia) John Young - Ben CURNOW
ART AsiaPacific (No. 13; 1997)
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ART AsiaPacific (No. 13; 1997)