This book is a survey of the richest, most controversial and perhaps most thoroughly confusing epoch in the whole history of the visual arts the period from 1960 to the present. The Modern Movement unchallenged for the previous six decades has lost its dominance, but has not been replaced by any single new orthodoxy. Artists, critics and the public alike are now confronted by a situation of unprecedented variety and complexity. ARTODAY reflects the huge changes that have swept across the art world since the 1960, challenging all the old assumptions and certainties. As he reviews the worldwide explosion of exciting new work, his central argument is that the art world is no longer hierarchical but plural, and that its structures if they exist at all are provisional. ARTODAY provides a map of an unstable world. The author charts the progress of contemporary developments and points out their sources and interrelationships. The work of over 500 contemporary artists is analysed and illustrated. The Far East section of the book takes a brief look at Korea, Japan, China and India.
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Pop and After
The Survival of Abstraction
Minimal and Conceptual
Land Art; Light and Space; Body Art
Neo-Dada; Art Povera and Installation
Realism in America
Post-Modernism and Neo-Classicism
British Figurative Painting
New British Sculpture
New Art in New York
Out of New York
Latin America
Perestroika Art
The Far East
African and Afro-Caribbean Art
Racial Minorities
Feminist and Gay
Art Today
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