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The Case of the Readymade Mountain - Chinchin YAP
Kolkata Plans Museum of Modern Art - Beth CITRON
Open 2007 Steals Venice Limelight - Jade TAKAKUWA
Japan Society Celebrates Centennial Through Reinvention - Andy CUSHMAN
Apichatpong Bids to Unshackle Thai Cinema - Brian MERTENS
Beijing Galleries Put Caochangdi on the Map - Jared BEZZANT
Summer Heat on the Block - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Beirut Art Space Espace SD Closes - Maymanah FARHAT
Sculpture on Fire - Luigi FASSI
Government Stays Steady on Singapore Art Development - Andrew MAERKLE
Round Up: Give and Take - Regina BRESLER
Shanghai's Hi-Tech Art Park Undergoes Museum Upgrade - Rebecca CATCHING, 林白麗
Transexperience - Lorenzo FIASCHI
Howard Farber: An Unlikely Collector Sells - Ian DRISCOLL
Agus Suwage: Specters of Civilization - Rifky EFFENDY
Zhang Huan: Thinking Big - David TEH
Miami is Just the Beginning - Jonathan NAPACK
Open Door Policy: ShContemporary 07 - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
In a Dream: Yan Pei-Ming - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Belly of the Beast: Takashi Murakami - Andrew MAERKLE
New World Portraiture: Kehinde Wiley - Paul D. MILLER
Ready to Launch: Wang Du
The World is Flat: Isaac Julien - RoseLee GOLDBERG
Bringing Home the Bacon: Wim Delvoye - Paul LASTER
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ArtAsiaPacific (No. 55; Sep/Oct 2007)