ArtAsiaPacific 57 is entitled Transcendental Destruction, and investigates the themes of landscapes, paradise and destruction.

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(Art Asia Pacific), (Art AsiaPacific), (Art and AsiaPacific)

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Bidding for the Collective - Anupam PODDAR
Texas Festival Fetes Chinese Photography - Anjali GUPTA
Indonesian Collector, Singapore Museum, Touch Down in Beijing - Graham WEBSTER, 魏光明
Asian Art Triennial Launches in Manchester - Eliza GLUCKMAN
Taipei Biennial Finds Bearings with Art Compass - David FRAZIER
Indian Artist Commemorates Holocaust with New Commission - Andy CUSHMAN
Auction Forecast: The Year of the Mickey Maos - Don COHN
Touring Festival Provides Meeting Point for West Asian Artists - Maymanah FARHAT
Sadanand K Barke, 1920-2007 - Murtaza VALI
Round Up: Women Steal the Headlines - H.G. MASTERS
Ismail Gulgee, 1926-2007 - Murtaza VALI
Huseyin Bahri Alptekin, 1957-2007 - Vasif KORTUN
The Virtual Muse and her Taxman - Chinchin YAP
Anyang Public Art Project: Out of Thin Air - Don COHN
Museumstan: Central Asia's Contemporary Art Revolution - Sara RAZA
The Art of Corruption: Thai Artists Take on Politics - Brian MERTENS
S.H. Raza: Still Evolving - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Yan Lei: Breathe Deep, Super Light and Sparkling - Andrew MAERKLE
Cai Guo-Qiang: The Art of War - Don COHN
Salima Hashmi: Paradise Found and Lost - Murtaza VALI
Lida Abdul: Landscapes of Remembrance - Rebecca CATCHING, 林白麗
Shaun Gladwell: Mortis Ex Machina - Gina FAIRLEY
Why Go to Tibet? Qiu Zhijie in Shangri-La - Meg MAGGIO, 馬芝安
Tibetan Contemporary Art: Beyond the Cultural Mask - Eliza GLUCKMAN
News From Islands - Gina FAIRLEY
Chim Pom: Thank You Celeb Project: I'm BOKAN - Kenichi KONDO, 近藤健一
Soft Power: Asian Attitude at Zendai Museum of Modern Art - Rebecca CATCHING, 林白麗
Anish Kapoor - Meg MAGGIO, 馬芝安
Wilson Shieh: Ladyland - Nadim ABBAS, 唐納天
Sopheap Pich: Tidal - Brian MERTENS
Gargi Raina: Constructing the Memory of a Room - Zehra JUMABHOY
Ratheesh T: Moving Earth - Beth CITRON
Indian Art Now - Luigi FASSI
Manuel Ocampo: Guided by Sausage - Marlyne SAHAKIAN
Huma Bhabha - H.G. MASTERS
Mala Iqbal: Washed Away - Murtaza VALI
Yang Jiechang: Artists Continue to Try Hard - Audrey LUK
Sara Rahbar, Weaving the Flag - Jaishri ABICHANDANI
David Diao - Andrew MAERKLE
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ArtAsiaPacific (No. 57; Mar/Apr 2008)