Artention is a bi-monthly publication concerned with Asian Arts.
In this issue two articles are devoted to the Asian art scene in New York. The Asian American Arts Center of New York has recently launched a three-year exhibition of Public Art in Chinatown by fourteen artists of Asian origin. With his new gallery in New York City, devoted entirely to contemporary Chinese art, Ethan Cohen has brought a fresh vision into the American collector's focus.
The current status of Chinese ink painting is reviewed by Roni Kalyk on the occasion of an overseas exhibition of Hong Kong art, organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art.
In the "Opening Nights" section these exhibitions are highlighted: Singapore Contemporary Artists; Shanghai Painter Leng Hong's solo at Alisan Fine Arts.
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Public Art: A Reflection of Progress - Robert LEE
Asian Art Waves in New York - Paula ANDROS
Focus on Ink Painting - Roni KALYK
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Artention International (No.1; Jul/Aug 1988), 藝覺 (No.1; 7/8月 1988)