This publication documents proceedings at the first Artist's Summit, Kyoto in November 2005 at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Seven top visual artists were invited to discuss possible solutions to global concerns such as poverty, war and environmental destruction. Its communique states: "Today artists find themselves in an unprecedented position of influence. However, artists sometimes find themselves involved in the competitive world of industry and unwittingly join those who amplify the problem and thereby they neglect it. Artists need to adopt a more humble stance and, while carefully reassessing their own work, should readopt a stance of responding to the demands of the age. Artists need to recognize 'the other' and accept 'the external'. The practice of the artist is listening and observing. In making art, we also practice expressions of social issues and responsibility. We, the artists of the first Artists Summit, Kyoto, call for greater solidarity and for a continuation of this forum."

Participants at the summit also included Jane Alexander, Ann Hamilton, Kcho and Thomas Struth.

Another documentation of the event is published in Japanese by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin, and is available in the library (also REF.KUAD).
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Artists Summit: 2005

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Artists Summit, Kyoto
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Artists Summit, Kyoto