This is a compact guide to 40 notable artworks exhibited in China in 2011 that are deemed worth remembering by critic and curator Karen Smith. Includes index of exhibitions discussed.

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Chapter headings
As Seen 2011 | Foreword
Jin Shan | One Man's Island
Duan Jianyu | The Seduction of Village
Liang Yuanwei | Picture of Early Spring
Chen Chieh-Jen | Empire's Borders
Liu Wei | 'Liu Wei'
Pan Honggang & Hu Youchen | Them or Us?
Zhou Yilun | Ah!
Huang Kui | My Projection is Focusing
Liu Chuang | Untitled (The Festival)
Ma Qiusha | Twilight... / All My Sharpness...
Wang Jianwei | Making do with Fakes
He Xiangyu | Man on the Chairs
Shi Qing | Plant Republic
Zhang Enli | Wires
MadeIn Company | Physique and Action of Consciousness
Sun Yanchu | Obsessed
Zhao Yao | I am Your Night
Zhang Peili | Certain Pleasures
He An | I Am Curious Yellow, I Am Curious Blue
Zhao Gang | A Sick Man
Zhuang Hui & Dan'er | Chinese Silk
Wang Wei | Propaganda Pavilion
Aniwar Mamat | Wind without rain
Liu Wei | Merely a Mistake
Museum of Unknown | Pattern
Sun Xun \ Tang Maohong \ Zhang Ding | Huge Character
Gao Lei | The Principle
Zhao Zhao | According to Zhao Zhao
Lu Yang | The Anatomy of Rage
Xiao Yu | Go
Wu Shanzhuan \ Inga Svala Thorsdottir | Kuo Xuan
Zhang Dali | World's Shadows
Wang Xingwei | 'Wang Xingwei'
Song Dong | Waiting...
Gao Weigang | Everything isn't Gonna be Alright
Yu Ji | I Stand Alone
Song Yuanyuan | Examining Object
Zhan Wang | My Personal Universe
Ding Yi | Specific · Abstracted
Lin Tianmiao | The Same
As Seen 2011: Notable Artworks by Chinese Artists
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As Seen 2011: Notable Artworks by Chinese Artists