Featured in this issue is a look at art in the Philippines, food for art in an exhibition from Singapore, Korean artist Ham Sup, Mainland Chinese artist Liu Hongwei, and Vietnamese painter Dinh Thi Tham Poong. This periodical also includes the following western artists - Stefan Jonsson, John Young.

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Chapter headings
Fit For a Feast (Singapore) - Sian E. JAY
Paper Reborn in Art (Korea) - Hilary BINKS
Changing Spirit (Indonesia) - Sian E. JAY
A Solitary World of Dreams (China) - Hilary BINKS
Between the Real and the Imaginary (Vietnam) - DUONG Tuong
Upbeat and Kicking in the New Millenium (The Philippines) - Emmanuel TORRES
Art From Fiber (The Philippines) - Alice G. GUILLERMO
At the Crossroads (The Philippines) - Patrick D. FLORES
The Art of Human Concerns (The Philippines) - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Witnesses to Unfolding History (The Philippines) - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Exhibition Review: Melbourne (Australia): Euan Heng at Australian Galleries - Roger TAYLOR
Exhibition Review: Vancouver (Canada): Hong Hao at Art Beatus Gallery - Paula GUSTAFSON
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: John Young at John Batten Gallery - M.A. GREENSTEIN
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Ou Yang at Schoeni Art Gallery - Hilary BINKS
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Soh Chee Hui at Karin Weber Gallery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Exhibition Review: Mumbai (India): Gieve Patel at Gallery Chemould - Anupa MEHTA
Exhibition Review: Mumbai (India): Nataraj Sharma at Sakshi Gallery - Anupa MEHTA
Exhibition Review: Jerusalem (Israel): 'Mekong Magic' at the Jerusalem Centre for Performing Arts - David RAPP
Exhibition Review: Manila (The Philippines): Lina Ciani at Duemila - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Exhibition Review: Manila (The Philippines): Imelda Cajipe-Endaya at Galleria Duemila - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Exhibition Review: Singapore: Teng Chok Dee at Art 2 - Sian E. JAY
Exhibition Review: Singapore: 'Take Five' at Artfolio - Sian E. JAY
Exhibition Review: Singapore: Ha My Ly and Le Ngoc Hieu at Galerie Dauphin - Fred CROFT
Exhibition Review: Bangkok (Thailand): Tawatchai Somkong at Surapon Gallery - Brian MERTENS
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Asian Art News (Vol. 10, No. 3; May/Jun 2000)