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Journey into the Phyche - Sumitra SRINIVASAN
Reflections of Two Cultures - Kathleen Finlay MAGNAN
The Painted Photograph - Scarlet CHENG
Native Son Returns to Tradition - Jeffrey HANTOVER
The Passing of a Versatile Master - Astri WRIGHT
Swimming in the Transcultural Sea - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
Into the Heart of Sculpture - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Cathartic Cascades - Jeannie E. JAVELOSA
Exhibition Review: Australia (Sydney): Artexpress at The Art Gallery of New South Wales - Christopher ALLEN
Exhibition Review: Australia (Sydney): Lost Vallery of the Springs at the Blaxland Gallery - Christopher ALLEN
Exhibition Review: England (London): Kawanabe Kyosai at the British Museum - Karen SMITH
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Casey Van Sebille Hogn Kong Arts Centre - Cherry BARNETT
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Alexander Zhacharov at Sochoeni - Jeffrey HANTOVER
Exhibition Review: India (New Delhi): Han Mei Lin at Azad Bhavan Gallery - Isana MURTI
Exhibition Review: India (New Delhi): Satish Chandra at Gallery Ganesa - Isana MURTI
Exhibition Review: Philippines (Manila): Fredie Montemayor at Metro Manila - Jeannie E. JAVELOSA
Exhibition Review: Tawan (Taipei): J.C. Kuo at Galerie Elegance - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Liu Keng-I at the Hsiung Shih Gallery - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Exhibition Review: United States (New York): Bing Lee at East West Cultural Studies - Alice YANG, 楊蕙如
Exhibition Review: United States (New York): Kunie Sugiura at Muranushi Lederman Productions - Alice YANG, 楊蕙如
Exhibition Review: United States (New York): Masami Teraoka at Pamela Auchincloss - Kathleen Finlay MAGNAN
Exhibition Review: United States (New York): Om Prakash at World Wide Art Gallery - Kathleen Finlay MAGNAN
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Asian Art News (Vol. 4, No. 3 May/Jun 1994)