Featured in this issue is the development of the Hong Kong art scene as it approaches 1997 and its return to Chinese sovereignty focusing on artists' Wucius Wong, Oscar Ho and Lau Tin-Yum, Malaysian-born Australian-based artist Jolly Koh, Indian artist Yusuf Arakkal, German artist Sigmar Polke, China-born France-resident artist Zao Wou-ki, and United States-resident Diana Shui-Iu Wong. This periodical also includes the following western artists - Shona Nunan, Brett Whitely, Bill Jacklin, Sigmar Polke, Julia Ciccarone, Antoinette de Morton, Godfrey Miller, Jean Degottex, Sir Sidney Nolan, Caroline Jones, Christopher Langton, Louise Farnay, Marischa Slusarski. Exhibition Review: Singapore: Louise Farnay at The Substation Gallery - author unknown.

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Reclaiming the Past (Australia) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
An Artist of His Time (India) - Geeta DOCTOR
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Caroline Jones at LKF Gallery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Exhibition Review: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): Zulkifli Yusoff at NN Galery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Exhibition Review: Singapore: 'Interaction' at Cicada - Susan HAMILTON
Exhibition Review: Singapore: 'Rapport' at the Singapore Art Museum - Rachel FARNAY JACQUES
Exhibition Review: Taipei (Taiwan): Lin Hong-wen at the Taiwan Gallery - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Exhibition Review: Taipei (Taiwan): Yang Mao-lin at the Crown Art Center - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Exhibition Review: Bangkok (Thailand): Marischa Slusarski at the Utopia Gallery - Clair BARRON
Exhibition Review: New York (The United States): Yayoi Kusama at Paula Cooper - Jonathan GOODMAN
Exhibition Review: New York (The United States): Julie Hwang at Sigma Gallery - Jonathan GOODMAN
Exhibition Review: San Francisco: 'Land of Paradox' at Ansel Adams Center - Reena JANA
Looking to the Future (Hong Kong) - John MILLICHAP
Conjuring up the Past (Hong Kong) - John MILLICHAP
Fairy Tale of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) - John MILLICHAP
Body Sense (Hong Kong) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
An Independant Voice (Hong Kong) - John MILLICHAP
Sale to the Future (Hong Kong) - John MILLICHAP
A Painter's Lens (The United States) - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
In Search of Ultimate Things (France) - Christine KAYSER
Dancing With the Tao (The United States) - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Points of View (Singapore) - Wengyang CHOY, 蔡荣恩
Exhibition Review: Melbourne (Australia): Antoinette de Morton at Scope Gallery - Joseph DE LUTIIS
Exhibition Review: Melbourne (Australia): Julia Ciccarone at Robert Lindsay Gallery - Susan McCULLOCH
Exhibition Review: Sydney (Australia): Godfrey Miller at the Art Gallery of New South Wales - Susan McCULLOCH
Exhibition Review: Bonn (Germany): 'China!' at the Kunstmuseum - Caroline CHUI
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Sir Sidney Nolan at Wagner Gallery - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Jean Degottex at the Hong Kong Arts Centre - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Le Thanh Son at Galerie La Vong - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Chen Shou-soo & A.M. Lattanzi Chen at City Hall - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Fang Xiang at City Gallery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
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Asian Art News (Vol. 6, No. 4; Jul/Aug 1996)