This magazine has also included a chapter entitled, 'ASEAN Art Awards 1996', by unknown author. Detailed cataloguing of artists in progress...
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The Second Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - Joanna MENDELSSOHN
TAF and the Taiwan Art Market - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Coming to Terms with Change - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Grand Vision and Identity - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
The Inner Eye - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
An Artist Rejuvenated - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
In Search of Art’s Ways - CHEN Huichiao, 陳慧嶠
Bidding for Change - Laura FAN
New Foundation Gets Underway - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Progress in Prints - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Hoo Mojong at Alisan Fine Art - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Lau Yan Tsun at the Fringe Club - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Views of the Pearl River Delia at the Hong Kong Museum of Art - Hilary BINKS
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Within The Frame at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Li Gui Jun at Schoeni Art Gallery - John MILLICHAP
Exhibition Review: Hong Kong: Micholas Hely Hutchinson at Wattis Fine Art - Arthur HACKER
Exhibition Review: India (Bangalore): Fire and Life at the Sakshi Gallery - Debora K-M
Exhibition Review: Indonesia (Jakarta): Parvati Nayar Narayan at the Koi Gallery - Priya TULI
Exhibition Review: Singapore: Contemporary Australian artists at United Overseas Bank - Rachel FARNAY JACQUES
Exhibition Review: Singapore: Frank Stella at Wetterling Teo Gallery - Laura FAN
Exhibition Review: Singapore: Arthur Tress at the Singapore Art Museum - Laura FAN
Exhibition Review: Taiwan (Taipei): South Africa (Durban): Images of Human Rights Portfolio at the Durban Art Gallery - Jeff CHANDLER
Exhibition Review: Taiwan (Taipei): Lee Ming-tze at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Exhibition Review: Taiwan (Taipei): Hsiao Chin at Dimension Endowment of Art - Maggie PAI, 白麥琪
Exhibition Review: Taiwan (Taipei): J.C. Kuo at Lin & Keng Gallery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Exhibition Review: The United States (Irvine): Yu-Kun Yang ay Irvine Fine Arts Center - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Exhibition Review: The United States (San Jose): An Ocean Apart at the San Jose Museum of Art - Reena JANA
Exhibition Review: The United States (Santa Monica): Tony DeLap at the Mark Moore Gallery - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
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Asian Art News (Vol. 7, No.1; Jan/Feb 1997)