'In Behind the Postcolonial Abidin Kusno shows how colonial representations have been revived and rearticulated in postcolonial Indonesia. The book shows how architecture and urban space can be seen, both historically and theoretically, as representations of political and cultural tendencies that characterize an emerging as well as a declining social order. It addresses the complex interactions between public memories of the present and past, between images of global urban cultures and the concrete historical meanings of the local. It shows how one might write a political history of postcolonial architecture and urban space that recognises the political cultures of the present without neglecting the importance of the colonial past. In the process, it poses serious questions for the analysis and understanding of postcolonial states.' - from publisher's website.
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Abidin KUSNO

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Part I: Architecture
'Origins' Revisited: Colonial Milieu and the Crisis of Architectural Representations
Modern Architecture and Traditional Polity: Jakarta in the Time of Sukarno
Recreating Origins: The birth of 'Tradition' in the Architecture of the New Order
Part II: Urban Space
The Violence of Categories: Urban Space and the Making of the National Subject
Colonial Replica: Urban Design and Political Cultures
Custodians of (Trans)nationality: Urban Conflict, Middle Class Prestige, and the Chinese
Part III: (Trans)national Imaginings
Professional and National Dreams: The Political Imaginings of Indonesian Architects
'Spectre of Comparisons': Notes on Discourses of Architecture and Urban Design in Southeast Asia
Conclusion: Beyond the Postcolonial?
Behind the Postcolonial: Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures in Indonesia
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Behind the Postcolonial: Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures in Indonesia