This volume is published in conjunction with the 'Green Art Project' series presented by the Beijing Center for the Arts, which consisted of interdisciplinary art exhibitions, documentary screenings and forums. The exhibition 'Shan Shui: Nature on the Horizon of Art', featuring large-scale installations by Maya Lin, Wang Jianwei and Zhou Wei, explores different perspectives on the current environmental crisis and ways to bring about positive change. '3D City: Future China', the second part of the project, gathers leading architects and artists, experts and scholars on urban planning, city ecology and environment, decision makers from government and enterprises, in envisioning an ideal living environment for the future. Artist statements and biographies are included. Forum proceedings are provided.

Other participating architects: Paolo Soleri (United States), MVRDV (The Netherlands)
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Tian an shi jian dang dai yi shu zhong xin 2009 lu se yi shu ji hua | shan shui: zhong he yi shu shi jie zhong de zi ran sheng tai | li ti cheng shi: wei lai zhong guo

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Shan Shui · City — Preface to the 2009 'Green Art Project' - WENG Ling, 翁菱
Forum I: 'We See, We Think, We Change'
Part I: Human & Nature: Giving, Gaining and Saving
Part II: Role & Opportunity
Part III: Saving the Przewalskii
Forum II: 'What is Missing?'
Part I: Maya Lin and 'What is Missing?'
Part II: 'What is Missing?' and Environmental Protection Practices
3D City: Future China Cross Disciplinary Forum
Part I: 3D City: Dream and Its Realization
Part II: 3D City: Reality and Design
Part III: 3D City: Resources and Ecology
Beijing Center for the Arts 2009 Green Art Project | Shan Shui: Nature on the Horizon of Art | 3D Ci
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Beijing Center for the Arts 2009 Green Art Project | Shan Shui: Nature on the Horizon of Art | 3D City: Future China, 天安時間當代藝術中心2009年度綠色藝術計劃 | 山水:綜合藝術視界中的自然生態 | 立體城市:未來中國