Some artworks offer escape: fanciful worlds, soothing aesthetics, images and ideas made to calm and comfort. Others nudge us to question and reflect on realities facing us as individuals and as a society. The latter definition of art guides the exhibition Brave New Worlds, which considers the present state of political consciousness, expressed through the questions of how to live, experience, and dream. Organized by Walker visual arts curators Doryun Chong and Yasmil Raymond, the exhibition of some 70 works by 24 artists from 17 countries does not resort to simplistic notions of 'political art'. Instead, the diverse artistic voices gathered here seek different potentials for engagement and thus collectively offer a look beyond glib expressions of globalism.
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A Screen of Fantasy: Cao Fei

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Goodly Creatures, Beauteous Mankind, O Brave New Worlds

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Gimhongsok's Cheating Art

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Phenomenology of Seeing: Runa Islam
A Rose for Brave New Worlds

- Yasmil RAYMOND

The Quiet Awe of Noguchi Rika

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Territory of a Poet-Activist: Haegue Yang

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Regarding the Pain and the Happiness of Others

- HU Fang, 胡昉

Zheng Guogu's Position in the World

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

Brave New Worlds
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Brave New Worlds