This issue focuses on the art scene in mainland China.

The chapter 'Intrude Art & Life 366' features the cultural project organized by the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art. The project was to present one cultural event every day from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2008, aiming to narrow gaps between art and the daily lives of city dwellers. The magazine includes interviews with director of Shanghai Zendai Museum, curator of the project and some participating artists.

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Made in China - Alan CRUICKSHANK
The Spectacle of Dancing Theory - Souchou YAO
A Material World - QIU Anxiong, 邱黯雄
Fuck Off: An Uncooperative Approach - ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
Translocal Motion Sickness: Shanghai Biennale Gone Off the Rails? - Rebecca CATCHING, 林白麗
Zhao Bandi: Pandaman in the Real World - Biljana CIRIC

Intrude: Art & Life 366:
From the Grand Narrative to Everyday Life
Interview with Shen Qibin
Beijing, Noise and the City
Interview with Gu Wenda
Conceptual Art: Faced with Embarrassment
Who did Injured Angels Hurt? Three Responses from the Organiser
Interview with Xia Jianguo
Something About Migrant Worker: Lao Du
Retrofitting Daily Materials
Bowing to the Public: Our Common Performance
Follow: Michael Yuen
Interview with Biljana Ciric

(no) Space: is the Place - Ben SLATER
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Broadsheet: Contemporary Visual Arts+Culture (Vol. 37, No. 4; Dec 2008)