'During the 1980s I completely projected myself into the psychiatric world, in the 1990s, after retirement, I shifted into the serenity of New Territories life and harmonious fragments of the city. And now I step into yet another world, into a different angle of sense and sensibility.
For many years I have said to myself, "paintings are my diary and my biography". This time My Third Page carries more of my inner self. Dreams are but personal. "Dreamatisation" of works helps to enlighten my existence of self.'- Chu Hingwah.

This catalogue includes an essay by artist Lui Chunkwong, and a biography of Chu Hingwah.
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zhu xing hua - wo de di san ye: ren sheng yu meng jing

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To Arrive without Effort: The Incorruptible Genius of Chu Hing-wah/ 天賦其真, 不朽不壞-朱興華成就於不知不覺間 - LUI Chunkwong, 呂振光
Chu Hing-wah - My Third Page: Dream and Reality
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Chu Hing-wah - My Third Page: Dream and Reality, 朱興華 - 我的第三頁:人生於夢境