It is a catalogue for the solo exhibition entitled 'Classics' for Chinese artist Yang Mian held at Linda Gallery, Singapore, in 2007. Featured are a number of paintings and sculptural works that weave between ideas ranging from beauty and fashion, to consumerism and popular culture. Yang ultimately questions the formation of the ideology of standard as an instituted value.

Includes several interpretive essays and a biography of the artist.

Please note that there is another catalogue available in the library that details Yang Mian's solo exhibition of the same title held in Shanghai, also in 2007.
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Na xie jing dian: yang mian xin zuo zhan

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From Classic to Standard / 從經典到標準 - PI Li, 皮力
New Alienation Resounding between History and Reality: Reading Yang Mian's Art / 回蕩在歷史與現實的新疏離現象: 讀楊冕的藝術 - CHENG Naiming, 鄭乃銘
Secret of Standard / 標準之謎 - LI Xu, 李旭
CCCA (Contemporary Chinese Art Award) 1998 for Yang Mian / 楊冕的中國當代藝術獎金評語1998 - Harald SZEEMANN
If You can Understand What Mona Lisa is Smiling about, Then I will Know What You are Thinking / 如果你能理解蒙娜麗莎在笑什麼,那我就知道她們在想什麼 - SUN Zhe, 孫哲
The Ideal Standard / 美好標準 - PI Li, 皮力
Classics: Yang Mian New Work Exhibition
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Classics: Yang Mian New Work Exhibition, 那些經典:楊冕新作展