'Showcasing the most explosive, dynamic and provocative art coming out of the region, Contemporary Art in the Middle East shatters common stereotypes and presents a new way of looking at one of the most complex and misunderstood areas of the world today. Artists from opposite ends of the spectrum come together in a vivid confrontation of diverse styles across boundaries; from the brash pop art of Shirin Aliabadi to the restrained calligraphic minimalism of Golnaz Fathi; from the provocative  conceptualism of Mona Hatoum to the vibrant installations of Farhad Moshiri; from the slick beauty of Yousseff Nabil to the edgy realism of Afshin Dehkordi. All feature together in a formidable collage of artistic expression.

Lavishly illustrated profiles of the most influential artists working today are supported with essays by writers who represent the diversity of voices from this region: Suzanne Cotter has curated exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery and the Serpentine Gallery, Nat Muller is an independent curator and the first curator-in-residence at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Lindsey Moore author of Arab, Muslim, Woman and TJ Demos lecturer at University College London. Contemporary Art in the Middle East provides a new way of understanding the Middle East outside the headlines and through the engaging medium of art.' - from publisher's website

Includes an extract of Edward Said's essay Orientalism and an overview of the critical responses by Zachary Lockman in the appendix. With biographies of artists and contributors and select bibliography.

Please note that only artists of Asian origin are listed.
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Contemporary Art in the Middle East - Nat MULLER
Minding the Gap: Migration, Diaspora, Exile and Return in Women's Visual Media - Lindsey MOORE
Desire in Diaspora - T.J. DEMOS
The Documentary Turn: Surpassing Tradition in the Work of Walid Radd and Akram Zaatari - Suzanne COTTER
Imaginative Geography and its Representations: Orientalising the Oriental - Edward SAID
Orientalism: Critical Engagements - Zachary LOCKMAN
Interview: Negar Azimi
Interview: Rose Issa
Interview: Andrew Renton
Interview: Wijdan Ali
Interview: Savita Apte
Interview: John Martin
Interview: Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder
Contemporary Art in the Middle East
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Contemporary Art in the Middle East