It is a modern chinese calligraphy monograph by Dawo ZHANG which compiled his works from 1993 to 2001. This monograph accompanies with an additional booklet of essay in Chinese.

Artist biography is included.

1 copy of supplement is included.

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Chapter headings
Dream (in English only)

- CHENG Jianzuo, 程健佐

Dawo Black in White Miaomo - An Interpretation
The Status of Zhang Dawo

- QIU Zhenzhong, 邱振中

Making the Brush Fly (in English only)

- Gordon BARRASS

A Powerful Voice Outside the Main Stream: A Critic on Zhang Dawo's Manifestation of Traditional Calligraphy

- ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉

An Artistic Appreciation of Dawo's Work (in English only)

- Amanda YORKE

Modern Chinese Calligraphy: When the Shape of Chinese Characters is Deconstructed (in English only)

- WANG Nanming, 王南溟

'Dawo Miaomo' - An Inspiration and Cue of Chinese Art

- WANG Nanming, 王南溟

Zhang Adds Modern Influence to Calligraphy

- YANG Yingshi, 楊應時

Transient and Eternity - A Reflection on Dawo Miaomo (in English only)

- XU Encun, 徐恩存

Taking Shufa Flying-off from Paper's as the Starting Talking Point (in English only)

- ZHANG Dawo, 張大我

激揚的意義──談張大我對傳統書法的闡釋 (in Chinese only)

- XU Encun, 徐恩存

信‧榮寶齋信箋系列作品 (in Chinese only)

- ZHANG Qiang, 張強

筆墨蹤跡與心理空間 (in Chinese only)

- ZHANG Qiang, 張強

附會自然──張大我作品欣賞 (in Chinese only)

- BAO Chuanjiang, 鮑傳江

關於線 (in Chinese only)

- CHENG Jianzuo, 程健佐

大我的'妙墨'藝術 (in Chinese only)

- WEI Gong, 唯公

Dawo Miaomo
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Dawo Miaomo, 大我妙墨