In the 20th Century, there is a trend of contemporary Chinese art being violent, grotesque, and brutal. The current art trend is summarized showing the origin of violence and artists’ intention. From rebellion to self-torture, comments were made about contemporary Chinese artists continuing the trend of artistic creation from the 80s. Further comments were made regarding the author’s stance on the issue.
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從西方先鋒藝術的歷史使命來看,解構文本的藝術只是夭折了,而解構肉體被更年輕的藝術家看成更為彻底的解構手段|(Based on the Mission Set up by Western Avant-Garde Artists, Disseminating a Language is Just the Beginning, But Disseminating the Body is Deemed as the Ultimate Destruction by Young Artists)

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20 Jul 2004

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SohoChina, 20 Jul 2004, Issue 43, pp. 16–19

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Destroying Language Followed by the Body, 毀完文本毀身體