Published in conjunction with 'Gender Performativity and Bio-politics' - Ma Liuming's solo exhibition during 'Dissociation: 2011 Art Changsha', this catalogue contains an overview of Ma's recent works completed between 2007 to 2010, titled Life, Body, Calculus, and Immortal, centring on the concept of 'life.' Also featured are his nude performances in Lisbon, Lyon and Montreal - the renown Fen-Ma Liuming series.

Presenting multiple solo exhibitions simultaneously at Hunan Provincial Museum, September to October 2011, 'Dissociation: 2011 Art Changsha' brings together works by ten artists from multiple discipline, different generations and contexts, offering a constellation of ideas, touching on issues such as local tradition, mass culture, body, personal memory and many others, to provide a comprehensive picture of the Chinese contemporary art scene with the least restrictions. 'Art Changsha' reaches its 3rd anniversary since 2007.

Includes featured essay, interview and artist's biography.

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jie li cong shu | ma liu ming: xing bie biao yan yu sheng ming zheng zhi

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Featured Research: Gender Performativity and Bio-politics/ 專題研究:性別表演與生命政治 - LU Mingjun, 魯明軍
Artist's Words/ 藝術家自述 - MA Liuming, 馬六明
Dissociation | Ma Liuming: Gender Performativity and Bio-politics
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Dissociation | Ma Liuming: Gender Performativity and Bio-politics, 解離叢書|馬六明:性別表演與生命政治