Double-kick cracker is an exhibition that tries to promote the individual creativity of the artist and the unique contribution of Chinese Art in the new century. Curator Gu Zhenqing wrote, 'With the booming popularity of Chinese contemporary art worldwide, Chinese contemporary artists have become the most engaged and vigorous group in the art circle, making their appearance on different international art shows. The price of their works climbs at an astonishing speed in both domestic and international art market, which even results in the emergence of economic bubbles... Facing such a changing state, to ignite a 'Double-sound cracker' is to create an alarm, to call for people's attention to the nature of cultural creation of Contemporary Chinese Art in a time when market force has taken a dominant position.'

The present catalogue includes a section on the design of the exhibition space, artist interviews and artist statements of Chen Chiehjen and Peng Hungchih.

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Double-kick Cracker
A Review on Li Hui's Works
A Review on Qin Ga's Works
A Review on Shen Shaomin's Works
A Review on Sun Yuan and Peng Yu
On Weng Peijun's Works
Better no Seeing
Double-kick cracker: An exhibition of Chinese contemporary art
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Double-kick cracker: An exhibition of Chinese contemporary art, 二踢腳:中國當代藝術展