This publication includes Duan Jianyu's catalogue of selected paintings from 1999 to 2006, 3-part print work Life Guide and a text (Travel with a Watermelon) on cardboard by Hu Fang.

Everything Duan Jianyu wants to say, she says in her paintings. Here, textual guidance is superfluous, unless to provide a vague background: just like in some of her paintings, words are quoted, explanations coming from our daily lives, or perhaps the words uttered between a female radio broadcaster and a regretful audience confessing sexual transgressions on the air. Even her brushstrokes and palette point us toward an ineffable, slightly aggravating world. Her paintings summon us to envision a threshold we have no way of reaching in daily life, and with equal precision, they summon our feelings about contemporary Chinese reality. As such, they project the background of contemporary China, from the villages to the cities full of vigor but also incredibly trite. Perhaps, cliché is just the crystallization of our own pursuit of modernity.

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带着西瓜去旅行 - HU Fang, 胡昉
Duan Jianyu: How to Travel with a Watermelon
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Duan Jianyu: How to Travel with a Watermelon, 段建宇: 带着西瓜去旅行