Curated by a team of art curators and philosophers, this group exhibition is an extension of 'Empty Fields I', which consisted of an exhibition and seminar held at the Taipei National University of the Arts' Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

'"Empty fields" can be understood as an experimental space for a new dialogue between contemporary art and contemporary philosophy, that opens up various energies of difference, a "site of presence" where various forces flow and perceptions interact, promoting imagination about unnamable and unimaginable things that are on the verge of arriving or happening.' - excerpted from introduction by Wang Pinhua

This catalogue features essays focusing on individual artists' works, which have been divided into four sections: Subject Topology, Sensible Now, Digital Scenery, and Free Traces of Fantasy. Artist biographies are provided.
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Kong chang II dang dai yi shu yu dang dai zhe xue de dui hua

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Exhibition Discourse of 'Empty Fields: A Dialogue between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy' - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
'Empty fields' Call Forth Many 'Empty Fields' - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy: 'The Question of the Subject and Techniques of the Self' Symposium
Essays of the Works
Subtitle I: Subject Topology
But We Responded: Chen Kaihuang (TCHENOGRAMME) at 'Empty Fields' - CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑
Beyond the Smoke Lies Nothing: 'Smoking' and Kuang-yu Tsui's 'Untitled' Burning Straw Photography - CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑
Three Kinds of Meletê Thanatou - GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍
Chun-chi Lin: Concentrated Repetitive Actions Highlight the Incremental Process of Alienation - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
The Blank that Lie Wouldn't Clear - CHEN Weifeng, 陳維峰
BODY and the Art Practice - YAO Juichung, 姚瑞中
Subtitle II: Sensible Now
The Aura Without History - HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏
Desire Straight Ahead: A Discussion of the Art and Life of Wei-wen Fang - HSU Yuanta, 許遠達
Subtitle III: Digital Imagery
Heter-Image: From 'Still Life in Sunlight' Extending to Ya-hui Wang's Frame of Space-time Conception - WU Yutang, 吳宇棠
The Starting Point of 'From the Other Side' - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Subtitle IV: Free Traces of Fantasy
About Hung-teh Huang - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Another Lisao: the Stranger Stepped on Salsa Rhythm in His Hometown - HSIEH Beatrice Paini, 謝佩霓
Empty Fields II: A Dialogue Between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy
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Empty Fields II: A Dialogue Between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy, 空場 II: 當代藝術與當代哲學的對話