1. 'Convergence', Macao Museum of Art, Macau. (47 images)

2. 'Dual Visions', photography exhibition, Ox Warehouse, Macau. (37 images)

3. 'On the Road: Tianzhu', solo exhibition by Joey Ho, St. Paul's Fine Art, Macau. (4 images)

4. 'VAS 36th Exhibition', Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. (38 images)

5. 'Complaints Choir of Hong Kong Exhibition', 1a space. (77 images)

6. 'New Trend 2009', Artist Commune. (91 images)

7. Closing night of 'Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation', Hong Kong Museum of Art. (7 images)

8. '7 days', solo exhibition/open print shop by Liz Lau. (8 images)

9. 'Rush: SKM Artists' Joint Exhibition', Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. (41 images)

10. 3 solo exhibitions at Osage Kwun Tong: 'Cheo Chai-Hiang: The Story of Money', 'Nipan Oranniwesna: Being...At Home', 'Sun Yuan & Peng Yu: Hong Kong Intervention'. (45 images)

11. 'Artist-in-Conversation: Sun Yuan & Peng Yu with Eugene Tan', Osage Kwun Tong. (30 images)

12. 'Beyond 20 Degree Celsius: Exhibition of "Room-temperature Luminescence" from Taiwanese Contemporary Imaging Art', He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen. (24 images, 1 video clip)

13. 'Hong Kong Crossroads: Photographs by Corazon Amaya', Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. (6 images)

14. 'Blossoms & Raindrops: Painting Exhibition by Alice Lai Nga-yu', Gallery by the Harbour. (24 images)

15. 'Maruliveart Ten Years Performances: Social Concern', On & On Theatre, Cattle Depot Artist Village. (217 images)

16. 'Maruliveart Ten Years Performances: Love and Desire', On & On Theatre, Cattle Depot Artist Village. (226 images)

Photos by AAA: Phoebe Wong and Wen Yau
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Event Documentation by AAA Hong Kong Staff: August 2009