These contain images of the following art events:

Disc 1
1. 'Think Now, or Never: Open Forum', Lok Hing Lane Park. (56 images)
2. Macau International Performance Art Festival (MIPAF) 2009, performances by wen yau, Yuenjie, Voila, Paivi Liisa Maritta, Chen Jin and Cai Qing, Ox Warehouse, Macau. (405 images)
3. 'A Blow to the Everyday & (Last) Intervention', Osage Kwun Tong. (184 images)
4. 'A Blow to the Everyday' Public Talk, Osage Kwun Tong. (8 images)
5. 'Guan Wei: Longevity for Beginners', 10 Chancery Lane Gallery. (3 images)
6. 'No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again' Auction at Kwan Sheungchi's solo exhibition, Gallery Exit. (37 images)
7. 'Victor Lai Exhibition: Inscape from China', Plum Blossoms Gallery. (11 images)
8. 'a place changes as we look', group exhibition, Agnes b's Librairie Galerie. (48 images)

Disc 2
1. 'State Legacy', OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen. (58 images)
2. 'The Invisible Generation: Workshop of the 4th OCAT International Art Residency', performance works by Dinu Li and Neno Belchev, OCAT, Shenzhen. (111 images)
3. 'See-Through Inaugural Performance: Body Movement Drawing Series - Pass thro' 404', performance by Yuenjie, Woofer Ten. (109 images)
4. 'Speak Now, or Never: One Art Practitioner One Petition', Chater Garden to Central Government Offices, Hong Kong. (93 images)
5. 'Study on Creative Clusters (2004-2009 Hong Kong): A Report by Leung Po Shan', Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. (6 images)

Photos by AAA: Janet Chan, Phoebe Wong, Wen Yau and Enoch Cheng
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Event Documentation by AAA Hong Kong Staff: October 2009