Included are images of the following art events:

1. 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2005, in Lianzhou in Guangzhou Province (31 images)

2. 'Animal Destiny', Bai Yiluo's solo exhibition (13 images)

3. The opening exhibition of Arario Beijing (31 images)

4. 2nd Guangzhou Triennial 2005 (18 images, with a caption)

5. Karen Smith's book launch. (4 images)

6. 'Vocabulary of Power: Retrospective of Mao Xuhui's Twenty Years Work', solo exhibition at Xin Dong Cehng Space for Contemporary Art. (16 images, with a caption)

7. 'Painting - Unrealism: New Trend of Chinese Contemporary Painting', group exhibition (31 images)

8. Qing Qing's solo show (3 images)

9. 'New Space', group exhibition at Red Gate Gallery. (6 images)

10. 'Renovation - Relations of Production', group exhibition at Long March Space. (42 images)

11. 'Show Me...Catch Me: Sight Unseen - Wang Xingwei and Xie Nanxing', exhibition at China Art Archives & Warehouse. (8 images)

12. 'East Meets West', exhibition at Soka Contemporary Space. (17 images)

13. 'Ten Eras Ten Colors', group exhibition at Soka Contemporary Space. (11 images)

14. 'Timezone8', book launch and exhibition. (24 images)

Photos by AAA: Carol Lu

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Event Documentation: China: November 2005/ December 2005