This series of discs document Khoj Live 08 held from 25 to 30 March 2008. Based in India, Khoj International Artists' Association is an artist-led, alternative space for experimentation and international exchange in the visual arts. As part of its ten-year anniversary celebrations, Khoj curated the first ever International Performance Art Festival in New Delhi. Hosted by prominent art galleries across the city, the six-day festival aims to showcase the different currents, positions and possibilities of contemporary performance art.

Disc 1
25 March 2008: General pictures at the event opening and stills from performances by Nikhil Chopra, Varsha Nair, Boris Nieslony, and Zuleikha & Manish Chaudhari.

Disc 2
26 March 2008: Documentation of Morning Session - Performance Pack, Afternoon Session - Open Space & Video Screening; stills from performances by Da Motus!, Doug Fishbone, Fred Koening, and Rehan Engineer

Disc 3
27 March 2008: Documentation of Morning Session - Performance Pack and stills from performances by artmaharaj mrs. manmeet, Ingrid Mwangi, Robert Hutter, Mehr Javed, and Varsha Nair

Disc 4
28 March 2008: Documentation of Morning Session - Discussion and stills from performances by Boris Nieslony, Fred Koenig, Inder Salim, Monali Meher, Reza Afisina, and Sushil Kumar

Disc 5
29 March 2008: Documentation of Morning and Afternoon Symposium, stills from performances by Neha Choksi, Ray Langenbach, Reza Afisina, Sarnath Banerjee, and Steven Cohen

Disc 6
30 March 2008: Stills from performances by Anitesh Grover, Hassan Khan, Maya Krishna Rao, and Reza Afisina; selected images for photologue in AAA's newsletter Diaaalogue; and PDF of Khoj Live catalogue (hard copy located at EXS.IND.KHOJ)

Photos by AAA: Nabodita Sarkar

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Event Documentation: India: Khoj Live 08