'Audio Picnic at the Museum' exhibition is an ongoing ten-year collaboration between Fujimoto Yukio and the Ontani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City, from 1997 to 2006. The exhibition is held each year in the Museum for 1 day only.


1) 1 Leaflet - Audio picnic at the museum 1/10 one day exhibition (美術館の遠足1/10), 9 Oct 1997.

2) 1 box set of exhibition catalogue for 'audio picnic at the museum 3/10' on 12 Dec 1999,  (Japanese) which contains:
2.1) 1 Booklet (grey): 'Eyes and Ears of the 20th Century' by Yukio Fujimoto;
2.2) 1 small booklet (black): 'audio picnic at the museum' by Shino Masahiro; 
2.3) 1 small CD: 'Ears of the Rooftop/Yukio Fujimoto', accompanied by a small leaflet in a plastic envelop;
2.4) 4 loose postcards with images of the artist's artwork; and
2.5) 1 loose page of information about this catalogue box set.
** See note below

3) 1 set of 'Yukio Fujimoto Playing Cards', the exhibition catalogue for 'audio picnic at the museum 8/10' , 2 Oct 2004.
** See note below

4) 1 box set of exhibition catalogue for 'audio picnic at the museum 10/10', 27 May 2006. It contains:
4.1) 1 cover 'postcard' (white);
4.2) 1 booklet (Japanese & English, 16 pages): A View from the Ordinary, which is designed to read with the 3D spectacle accompanied the booklet (attached on the inside back cover).
4.3) 1 set of  32 postcards with images of artworks from various artists
** See note below

** Note: Item 2, 3 & 4 are stored in a package at the closed stack area in the Special Collection Room.
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Event File (Japan): Audio Picnic at the Museum, 文化/藝術團體檔案 (日本): 美術館の遠足