Frame Builders is a project planned in anticipation of the relocation of the Insa Art Space to its new space. However, the project is intended to be more than simply a celebration of physical relocation for the IAS. Primarily, the project deals with two tasks - the tasks of reinventing a new institutional identity and of communicating this new identity to the public.

Frame Builders is thus composed of two parts. The first part is Textual Matrix, a workshop that pursues the inquiry into the activities of four contemporary art institutions worldwide. These institutions are DAAD (Berlin, Germany), Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, Lithuania), Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul, Turkey) and Eyebeam (New York, USA). The second part of the project Visual Identity, is an exhibition that pays particular attention to the communicative process in which a vague conceptual framework of institutional identity is conceived, visualized, and disseminated to the public.

The present publication includes proceedings of Textual Matrix, and documentation of the exhibition.
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Chapter headings
The Project 'Frame Builders' and Re-framing the Project Past
Framing a New Mind and a New Public - KIM Heejin, 김희진
Part I. Textual Matrix: Workshop, Lectures & Artists' Talks
The Cultural Prosperity of Berlin and DAAD: Conditions for Active and Continuous Exchanges - Friedrich MESCHEDE
Conditions for Strategic Program Designing and Practice with the Local Community - Kestutis KUIZINAS
Conditions for Inter-local Relationships with Overseas Institutions and Promotion of the Local Community - November PAYNTER
Conditions for Practice and Distribution of Media Production - Perry LOWE
Part II. Visual Identity: Exhibition
Frame builders: talks & images
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Frame builders: talks & images