'The geography of the book is as old as the history of the book. Yet, while book history is an established field of study, there has been much less focus on geographical approaches to the book.

Increasingly, however, new work is pointing to the spatial dimensions of book history. Recognition of the significance of place, of the effects of movement over space and of the importance of location in the making, meaning and reception of print culture has been a feature of this recent scholarship, which often draws upon the history of science as well as upon geography and book history.

This collection of essays by geographers, historians and historians of science brings together exciting new perspectives on the geographical dimensions of the book and print culture. Divided into three main sections: Geographies of Production; Geographies of Circulation; Geographies of Reception, the collection convincingly demonstrates that the relationships between the making, movement and reception of books are always geographical, and always complex.' - from back cover

Includes brief biographies of contributors.
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Part I: Geographies of Production
The Amusements of Posterity: Print Against Empire in Late Eighteenth-Century Bengal - Miles OGBORN
Steam and the Landscape of Knowledge: W. & R. Chambers in the 1830s-1850s - Aileen FYFE
Construing the Spaces of Print Culture: Book Historians' Visualisation Preferences - Fiona A. BLACK
Part II: Geographies of Circulation
'Per le Piaze & Sopra il Ponte': Reconstructing the Geography of Popular Print in Sixteenth-Century Venice - Rosa SALZBERG
The Counting-House Library: Creating Mercantile Knowledge in the Age of Sail - Deryck W. HOLDSWORTH
Printing Posterity: Editing Varenius and the Construction of Geography's History - Robert J. MAYHEW
Part III: Geographies of Reception
Geography, Enlightenment and the Book: Authorship and Audience in Mungo Park's African Texts - Charles W.J. WITHERS
Books, Geography and Denmark's Colonial Undertaking in West Africa, 1790-1850 - Daniel HOPKINS
Volney's Tableau, Medical Geography and Books on the Frontier - Michael L. DORN
Reading the Messy Reception of Influences of Geographic Environment (1911) - Innes M. KEIGHREN
Geographies of the Book
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Geographies of the Book