Catalogue of solo exhibition by Wang Huangsheng at National Art Museum of China in 2006 and Guangdong Museum of Art in 2007. Wang Huangsheng is currently the director of the Guangdong Museum of Art, however he is also an accomplished artist in his own right. By blending ink-wash art with modern composition, Wang tries to demonstrate the culture shock, in which tradition encounters modern trends. Included in the catalogue are artist writings, excerpts from various articles on Huang's works, artist biography (English and Chinese) and chronology.

此書是王璜生在中國美術館 (2006年) 及廣東美術館 (2007年) 舉辦個展的圖錄。王璜生現任廣東美術館館長,本身亦是一名才情洋溢的藝術家。他擅於糅合水墨技法與現代題材,藉以摹寫傳統與現代交接時所產生的文化衝擊。本圖錄載有王璜生的論述、多篇評論摘要、藝術家簡歷 (中英文) 及其創作年表。
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Tian di you ran: Wang huang sheng de shui mo tian di

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Heaven and Earth. Carefree and Leisurely: The Ink-wash World of Wang Huangsheng
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Heaven and Earth. Carefree and Leisurely: The Ink-wash World of Wang Huangsheng, 天地‧悠然: 王璜生的水墨天地