Published on the occasion of 'Dignity in Silence,' a retrospective of Chuang Shu's artistic career at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. With full-colour artwork plates and documentation images from his oeuvre, the publication also features essays by Hsiao Chiungjui, Lin Hsingyueh, Wu Wenlung, and two sons of Chuang Shu - Chuang Poho and Chuang Chungping. With artist chronology and bibliography.
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xiang qian bei yi shu jia zhi jing: chen mo zhong de zun yan: zhuang suo hui gu zhan

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Chuang Shu (1914-1997): Dignity in Silence/ 沈默中的尊嚴-莊索 (1914-1997) 生平藝術之研究 - HSIAO Chongray, 蕭瓊瑞
A Lonely Artistic Soul under War Fire - A Brief Introduction of Chuang Shu's Artistic Career/ 戰火淬煉出的藝術孤魂-簡述莊索的繪畫生涯 - LIN Hsinyueh, 林惺嶽
Memory of a Hermit in Taiwan's Fisheries, Chuang Shu/ 記一位水產界的隱士-莊索股長 - WU Wenlung, 巫文隆
My Father, Chuang Shu/ 我的父親莊索先生 - CHUANG Poho, 莊伯和
Recollections of My Father on the Occasion of Tomb-Sweeping Festival/ 清明憶父 - CHUANG Chungping, 莊仲平
Chuang Shu and Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association/ 後記-莊索與高雄區漁會 - TSAI Shingling, 蔡幸伶
Homage to Senior Artists of Taiwan: Dignity in Silence: A Retrospective of Chuang Shu
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Homage to Senior Artists of Taiwan: Dignity in Silence: A Retrospective of Chuang Shu, 向前輩藝術家致敬: 沈默中的尊嚴: 莊索回顧展