Catalogue of solo exhibition by David Clarke held at the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong in 2007. David Clarke is both a photographer and an art historian, and teaches in the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Hong Kong. The catalogue features colour photographs taken in a year in the life of the city in which Clarke has lived for the last two decades. An antidote to the tourist picture-postcard view of Hong Kong so often propagated to locals and visitors alike, these images and their accompanying text are produced from a proximity which enables both a critical engagement with the city and a celebration of its uniqueness. Personal in its perspective, this extended photo essay offers a fabricated journey through the real space of Hong Kong, looking awry at scenes too often photographed before, and looking anew at scenes too often overlooked.
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Hong Kong x 24 x 365: A year in the life of a city
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Hong Kong x 24 x 365: A year in the life of a city