This catalogue accompanies the retrospective exhibition of artist Huang Yao, who had achieved fame as a painter in Shanghai in the 1930s, and later moved to Southeast Asia to pursue his artistic career.

This publication gives an introduction to Huang Yao's body of work, including landscape and figure paintings (under the themes of 'children at play' and folktales) and calligraphic pieces. Artist biography is included.

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Huang Yao: From tuhua wenzi 'Pictorial Calligraphy' to wenzi hua 'Calligraphic Painting' (in English and Chinese)

- WANG Nanming, 王南溟

Transcending Limits: A Centenary Journey from Traditional Chinese Calligraphy to New Calligraphic Art

- Dr CHEW Kimliong

Huang Yao Retrospective
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Huang Yao Retrospective, 黃堯回顧展