1) 18 News Clippings:
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1.2 'A Brush with Raindrops' by Shraddha Shaw, HT City, 14 March 2007.
1.3 'I Will not be Dictated by the Market', The Financial Express Investor, 18 March 2007.
1.4 'Surprise Visits and a Surprise Display!', The Times of India, 6 December 2006.
1.5 'In Times of Terror' by Sebanti Sarkar, The Telegraph, Calcutta, 3 November 2006.
1.6 'When Apu Stole Hearts', The Times of India, 2 November 2006.
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1.8 'Eleena has Designs for You' by a correspondent, Bandra, The Times of India, 17 December 2004.
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1.10 'Mehtod in Her Madness', The Telegraph, Calcutta, 27 March 2004.
1.11 'Art and Netagiri Do Mix Dear' by Irena Akbar, Today, 7 March 2007.
1.12 'Art Against Violence', Mumbai Mirror, 6 December 2006.
1.13 'Summer Specials - Our Columnist Recommends Three Young Artists to Beat the Heat', Business Standard, 25 /26 May 2002.
1.14 'Fantasy-ridden World', The Telegraph, Calcutta, 9 August 2002.
1.15 'Artist's 'Offering' to Womanhood' by Sanjiv Das, The Asian Age, 26 February 2006.
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1,17 'Feminism in Modern Art', The Telegraph, Calcutta, 14 March 2005.
1.18 'Wear Your Attitude', The Telegraph, 20 October 2001.

Remark: A collection of images of artist's works can be found in our Audio-visual Collection.
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