1.1) Biography: 2 pages, last updated 2002 (English)
1.2) Biography: 2 pages, last updated 2002 (Chinese)

Britta Erickson's Bibliography: section on WANG Jin (English)

3.1) 1 Fax correspondence with Susan Acret on 29 June 2002 regarding artwork description (Chinese)
3.2) 1 Fax correspondence with 陳靜昕 on 3 July 2002 regarding artwork description (English and Chinese)

4) 1 Print-out Text: Susan Dewar, 'In the Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Wang Jin and Feng Jiali' [Abstract], ArtAsiaPacific, no. 15, Fine Arts Press, Sydney, 1997, pp 70-71 (English)

5) 1 Artist Statement of performance Fighting the Flood - Red Flag Canal (Chinese)

6) 1 Photograph
of the artist

7) 1 Postcard: Hanging Swords on the Cliff with Sword Hung Up-Side Down (English and Chinese)

8) 9 Slides of WANG Jin's artwork from 1995 to 1999
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