This publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of the same title held in Saatchi Gallery, London from June to July 2012.

'Ink painting, together with calligraphy, constitutes one of the foundation stones of Chinese civilization. Its contemporary manifestations, diverse as they are and richly illustrated in this publication, therefore draw deeply from the classical canon. However, the aesthetic legacy derived from the ethos of their literati predecessors has engendered a certain lofty detachment from the opinion of the outside world, so the contemporary ink artists feel free to confront their central challenge - how to deploy this traditional medium and its derivatives in a way that is relevant and meaningful for the modern world. This major comprehensive study of the New Ink Art at the Saatchi Gallery is therefore exceptionally timely. It coincides not only with the growing awareness of its vital contribution to contemporary Chinese culture, but in particular to the current revival of interest in artistic fundamentals. A new generation of art loves has become aware that the ink artists, who return to the wellspring of Chinese culture as a source of creative refreshment, are actually often the most intellectually daring in China. They are expressing, in a new pictorial language, the transformation of their society in works that are meaningful precisely because they take account of the past in order to make sense of the present.' - from flapped page.

Including artist biographies, index of artists and a bibliography.
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Red Bamboo (and Other Ruminations)

- Valerie C. DORAN, 任卓華

The Poetic Imagination in Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting

- Dominique NAHAS

The Archaeological Inspiration for Contemporary Chinese Art

- Tao WANG

Ink painting, Politics and Technology


Ink Painting and its Modern Discontents

- Eugene Yuejin WANG, 汪悅進

Ink: The Art of China
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Ink: The Art of China