This CD-ROM contains images taken by Arthur Wong on the opening of 'Inside Looking Out in Singapore', at Osage Singapore, 8 August 2008.

'The establishment by young Hong Kong artists of studios in the flatted factories of Chai Wan, Kwun Tong, and in particular Fotan in the New Territories constitutes one of the most interesting aspects of Hong Kong’s recent contemporary art development: it is, for Hong Kong, the closest to the Western notion of the aesthete or bohemian artist working for arts sake in his garret.

The exhibition Inside Looking Out comprises work by seven artists from artist studios at Fotan and presents an opportunity to explore whether there is any solid theoretical and methodological basis for an examination of the construct that may come to be called the “Fotan School”. As the art world becomes more and more fragmented, the identification of artists as a member of a particular group or “school” is for many the only way of lending structure to a highly fluid range of contemporary art movements.' 

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Inside Looking Out in Singapore: Opening