Interview with Chan Yukkeung Kurt by Leung Chiwo Warren

In the second part of the interview, Chan says that he will not deliberately produce works that are characterised as 'Chinese,' but will continue to practise his art with ease when it comes to creating unique works of art (00:00–03:30). He is disheartened by the varying standards of local art education and artists, and laments the necessity of art (8:35–18:50). Chan goes on to criticise that the so-called 'high art' clamoured by many in Hong Kong lately was a short-term phenomenon. It reflected how people sought instant gratification and was related to the development and quality of education (20:20–27:05). In the last part of the interview, Chan situates different generations of artists along different periods in the history of art development in Hong Kong. When it comes to Hong Kong art and its characteristics, Chan argues that to better answer the question, the lives and work environments of Hong Kong artists should first be explored and studied (27:05–33:47).


在訪問的第二節裡,陳氏在談論作品的獨特性上,指出不會刻意製造具中國特色的作品,只會從容面對創作 (00:00-03:30)。他亦為本地藝術教育及藝術家的水準落差感到無力,稱正在思考藝術的必要性 (8:35-18:50)。陳氏繼而批評近年香港出現很多崇尚所謂「高檔藝術」的現象,是急功近利的表現,跟教育的質素及發展有關 (20:20-27:05)。訪問最後,陳氏舉出香港藝術發展史中幾種不同時期的藝術家的由來,認為要談論香港藝術的獨特性,應先多探討香港藝術家的生活及工作環境 (27:05-33:47)。

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Interview with Chan Yukkeung Kurt, 28 September 1998 (Part 2), 訪問陳育強,一九九八年九月二十八日(第二部份)