Interview with Lam Yuklin Pauline by Leung Chiwo Warren

In the first part of the interview, artist Lam Yuklin Pauline recounts the debut of her art career after graduating from university, as she developed her works around the theme of life and death (00:00–10:00). The conceptual linkage among Lam’s works is articulated through the use of old and used materials and sculptural forms, as she explains her choice of materials in the interview (10:10–28:18). She stresses the connection among space, existing materials, and the works while creating an installation (28:10–41:00). In the middle of the interview, Lam tells us that she loves the works of a Western artist. She shares her experience in teaching, as well as her analysis of Hong Kong art’s current state of development (42:00–55:12). In the last part of the interview, Lam elaborates on her use of materials and experimentation (55:12–1:16:40).


訪問開首,藝術家林玉蓮講述在大學畢業後展開藝術創作的生涯,並開始發展以生命及死亡為題材的作品 (00:00-10:00)。在物料的選擇上,林氏透過古舊物料與雕塑造形來連繫作品的意義 (10:10-28:18);並闡述在進行裝置時,重視空間及現成物跟作品的關聯 (28:10-41:00)。在訪問的中後段,林氏分享她喜歡的一位西方藝術家的作品和她的教學經歷,以及分析對於香港藝術發展的現狀 (42:00-55:12)。在訪問末段部份,林氏補充解釋物料上的應用及實驗 (55:12-1:16:40)。

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Interview with Lam Yuklin Pauline, 5 November 1998 (Edited), 訪問林玉蓮,一九九八年十一月五日(錄音經修改)