Interview with Luke Ching by Leung Chiwo Warren

Artist Luke Ching talks about his experience practising and learning about art from sketching in high school days to enrolling in the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the first part of the interview, he also discusses how religion and faith have influenced his art career. During his formative years, he says, he went beyond painting and started exploring mixed media (00:00–29:00). Ching then explains some salient features of working on installation art: how model making is different from making an installation; some defaults that are embedded in the installation itself; and why installation is not a self-sufficient medium of expression (29:30–38:00). Ching continues to discuss the structural form and signification of artworks, as well as the use of readymades in art (38:04–48:50). Towards the end of the interview, Ching makes a functional analysis between art and society, and suggests that artists can collaborate with the tourism industry to promote local art. He also thinks that so-called Hong Kong artists should persist in creating new works according to their own thinking (52:12–1:12:50).     


藝術家程展緯在訪問開段講述自中學學習素描至進入香港中文大學藝術系的學藝過程,也討論到宗教及信仰如何影響其藝術發展;其間開始探索繪畫以外的混合媒界 (00:00-29:00)。程氏進一步解釋裝置藝術創作,並比較模型製作跟裝置的差別,而裝置本身存在的預設性,並不是有自足性的表現媒界 (29:30-38:00)。程氏繼而討論作品的結構造型及符號化,以及對現成物料的使用 (38:04-48:50)。在訪問後段,程氏分析藝術的功能與社會的關係,也提議藝術家可與旅遊界合作推動本地藝術發展;並認為所謂香港藝術家應持續以自己的想法進行創作 (52:12-1:12:50)。 

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Interview with Luke Ching, 30 July 1998, 訪問程展緯,一九九八年七月三十日