'Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies is a primer on the characteristics, scope, uses, and methods for building and maintaining controlled vocabularies for art and cultural materials. It explains how vocabularies should be integrated in cataloging systems; utilized for indexing and retrieval; and structured to group synonyms and arrange concepts into categories [...]' (excerpt from back cover)

Includes glossary and selected bibliography. Selected vocabularies and other sources for terminology are also provided in the appendix section.
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Lauren EDSON

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Chapter headings
Controlled Vocabularies in Context
What are Cultural Works?
Creators of Art Information
Standards for Art Information
What are Controlled Vocabularies?
Purpose of Controlled Vocabularies
Display Information and Controlled Information
Types of Controlled Vocabularies
Relationships in Controlled Vocabularies
Equivalence Relationshipships
Hierarchical Relationships
Associative Relationships
Vocabularies for Cultural Objects
Types of Vocabulary Terms
The Getty Vocabularies
Chenhall's Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging
Library of Congress Authorities
Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
Using Multiple Vocabularies
Interoperability of Vocabularies
Maintenance of Mappings
Methods of Achieving Interoperability
Interoperability across Languages
Satellite and Extension Vocabularies
Local Authorities
Which Fields Should be Controlled?
Structure of the Authority
Unique IDs in the Authority
Person/Corporate Body Authority
Place/Location Authority
Generic Concept Authority
Subject Authority
Source Authority
Constructing a Vocabulary or Authority
General Criteria for the Vocabulary
Data Model and Rules
Imprecise Information
Rules for Constructing a Vocabulary
Displaying a Controlled Vocabulary
Indexing with Controlled Vocabularies
Technical Issues of Indexing
Methodologies for Indexing
Retrieval Using Controlled Vocabularies
Identifying the Focus of Retrieval
User Intervention or Behind the Scenes
Processing Vocabulary Data for Retrieval
Other Data Used in Retrieval
Results Lists
Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies: Terminology for Art, Architecture, and Other Cultural Works
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Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies: Terminology for Art, Architecture, and Other Cultural Works