KLACK: Photography and Culture Magazine is a local photography magazine, which aims at revealing a new and unique culture of interpreting photographs. In order to promote the culture of contemporary art photography in various aspects, KLACK also organizes exhibitions, symposiums and workshops in order to connect photographers, writers and readers. The ultimate goal is to apply photography as a subject in the cultural creative education. It is KLACK's aim to acquire knowledge on the history of photography, starting from Pictorialism, New Photography to Contemporary Photography.   

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Animal Etiquette

- Hott, 何比

Siu Sau Village

- WONG Sukki, 黃淑琪

The Passing Warmth of the Photograph

- WONG Kaiyu Blues, 黃啟裕

The Forgotten Evidence: Family Photos

- LIN Onyeung, 連安洋

A Brief History of Contemporary Photography & Curatorialship: An Interview to Charlotte Cotton

- LEE Wingki, 李泳麒

Interview with Joseph Fung: His Three Photography Exhibitions

- YIP Ellis, 葉七城

Meeting Hong Kong Photographer Ng Sai-kit

- LAI Lonhin, 賴朗騫

Baby Rolleiflex

- ONG Cat Chunwoon, 王振煥

KLACK: Photography and Culture Magazine (No.2)
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KLACK: Photography and Culture Magazine (No.2), 咔攝影文化誌 (第二期)