'120 artists, museum and gallery directors, curators and collectors are represented in this lavishly illustrated book making it a vital resource for both those in the know and readers wishing to acquaint themselves with Korea’s contemporary scene for the first time.

'As a nation prospers, so does its art. Although Korean contemporary artists take both global and local issues into account in their work, what makes Korean art unique are its diversity and its individuality, informed and enriched by rigorous experimentation and cultural exploration.

'In recent years, Korean contemporary art's vibrancy has been recognised in the international arena, with artists such as Do Ho Suh, Kimsooja, Michael Joo and Koo Jeong-A appearing as major figures. The book presents profiles of these internationally recognised figures as well as of such up-and-coming artists as Lee Yongbaek, Jeon Joonho, Moon Kyungwon and Nikki S. Lee.

'Further texts also profile influential curators, as well as the country’s leading arts institutions, among them the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art; the Nam June Paik Art Center and the Seoul Museum of Art. The Gwangju Biennale is also highlighted.' (From Thames & Hudson)
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AHN Changhong, 안창홍

AHN Doojin, 안두진

AHN Kyuchul, 안규철

BACK Seungwoo, 백승우

BAE Bienu, 배병우

BAE Joonsung, 배준성

CHO Duckhyun, 조덕현

CHOE Uram, 최우람

CHOI Jeonghwa, 최정화

CHOI Xooang, 최수앙

CHUN Kwangyoung, 전광영

CHUN Sungmyung, 천성명


CHUNG Seoyoung, 정서영

CHUNG Suejin, 정수진

Gimhongsok, 김홍석

GWON Osang, 권오상

HAM Jin, 함진

HAM Kyungah, 함경아

HAM Yangah, 함양아

HONG Kyungtack

HONG Myungseop, 홍명섭

HONG Youngin, 홍영인

JEON Joonho, 전준호

Michael JOO, 주마이클

JoSeub, 조습

JUNG Yeondoo, 정연두

KANG Airan, 강애란

KANG Eemyun, 강임윤

KANG Honggoo, 강홍구

KANG Ikjoong, 강익중

Byron KIM, 김바이런

KIM Atta, 김아타

KIM Ci, 김씨

KIM Dongyoo, 김동유

KIM Hoduk, 김호득

KIM Hongjoo, b. 1945, 김홍주

KIM Hyunsoo, 김현수

KIM Inkyum, 김인겸

KIM Joohyun, 김주현

KIM Nayoung, 김나영

KIM Seungyoung, 김승영

KIM Shinil, 김신일

Kira KIM, 김기라

Sora KIM, 김소라

Kimsooja, 김수자

KOO Bohnchang, 구본창

KOO Donghee, 구동희

KOO Jeonga, 구정아

KWAK Duckjun, 郭德俊

KWON Hyuk, 권혁

LEE Dongi, 이동기

LEE Dongwook, 이동욱

LEE Hyungkoo, 이형구

LEE Jung, 이정

LEE Kangso, 이강소

LEE Sangnam, 이상남

LEE Seahyun, 이세현

LEE Seulgi, 이슬기

LEE Seungtaek, 이승택

LEE Yongbaek, 이용백

Nikki S. LEE, 리니키

LIM Choongsup, 임충섭

LIM Oksang, 임옥상

MIN Byunghun, 민병헌

MOON Beom, 문범

MOON Kyungwon, 문경원

NOH Sangkyoon, 노상균

OH Heinkuhn, 오형근

OH Inhwan, 오인환

PARK Hwayoung, 박화영

PARK Jooyeon, 박주연

PARK Junebum, 박준범

PARK Kiwon, 박기원

PARK MeeNa, 박미나

RHEE Kibong, 이기봉

ROH Jinah, 노진아

Sasa[44], 사사[44]

SHIM Moonseup, 심문섭

SHIN Hakchul, 신학철

SHIN Meekyoung, 신미경

Doho SUH, 서도호

SUNG Nakhee, 성낙희

TOH Yunhee, 도윤희

U Sunok, 우순옥


YOO Seungho, 유승호

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A Brief History of Korean Modern Art - KIM Youngna, 김영나
The Difficulties of Proper Names - LEE Sookkyung
Disjunctive Synthesis Korean Style - John RAJCHMAN
Korean Art: The Power of Now
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